Impossible eclipse at the end of the world - in pictures

Eclipse day - page three: totality is here (pages one and two)

Totality is upon us: Seconds after 2nd contact the umbra's edge has just swept over our site. Note Sirius to the upper left.

The solar corona hovers over the Andes, just after totality began; there is still enough penumbral light to its right to lighten the sky behind the mountains.

Near mid-totality: The umbra is now forming a kind of wedge in the sky. To the upper right of the dark Sun is Mercury, at far upper right Venus.

Third contact - and the Moon's shadow literally 'lifts off' from our planet as the global end of the total eclipse of 11 July 2010 is very near now, too.

Still deep in 2nd partiality the Sun sets behind the Andes - still way too bright to look into it directly (or photograph the crescent w/o filter). End of show!

There is also narrative of this story with hi-res picture links!

All pictures by Daniel Fischer with a Panasonic DMC-TZ2