Impossible eclipse at the end of the world - in pictures

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The shadow of the Moon engulfs a mirador east of El Calafate, just before sunset - but let's begin earlier that day ...

El Calafate on E day: a view of main street and the HQ of the Glaciers National Park. Gorgeous winter weather ...

On the way to the observing spot: guanakos in action.

Condors doing their clean-up work in the distance (and at the limit of my x10 optical zoom).

The view from the observing site (seen below with our big bus the first large vehicle on the small parking lot): This will be the foreground for the sunset total eclipse!

More vehicles arriving, with the Andes in the background. Plus Jörg Schoppmeyer and friends.

The view towards the Fitzroy, and other observers preparing for a special sunset.

The partial phase of the eclipse has begun! A 'space blanket' (2 layers) taped to a bus window has just the right density to show it together with the landscape and observers.

Totality and sunset approaching - and visibility of the Fitzroy and Cerro Torres improve.

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